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Men’s Health Supplements: The Lowdown

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Eating a healthy, balanced diet plays a huge role in ensuring our bodies are getting the right nutrients – but it’s often difficult for us to get the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies to function and perform at its best from just food alone.


And if you have a food intolerance or follow a specific diet, like keto or vegan, ensuring your body is getting all the right nutrients it needs to function normally can be difficult without the help of vitamins and supplements.


For men looking to improve strength, lose weight, gain muscle or just simply to ensure their bodies are meeting nutritional needs, we’ve got plenty of men’s health supplements at Garden of Life to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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Our products are proudly made with natural ingredients that can be traced back to the source, so you can rest assured that our vitamins for men contain all the good stuff – and keep out all the bad stuff.


Discover what supplements men should take for their health and how you can support a balanced lifestyle with our favourite men’s health supplements below.


Best Vitamin Supplements for Men


Vitamin Code Men


One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting all the essential vitamins in your diet is with the help of a multivitamin. Our Vitamin Code Men contains over 20 vitamins and minerals, in addition to live bacteria and enzymes, specially formulated for the nutritional needs of men.


Made from raw organic fruit and vegetables, this unique blend of vitamins provides men with a whole food multi-nutrient in one, easy-to-swallow capsule – perfect for adding to your daily routine to support extraordinary health.



Vitamin D for Men


The ‘sunshine vitamin’ is essential for supporting optimal health and wellbeing in both men and women, but it’s difficult to ensure we are getting enough vitamin D all throughout the year – not just during summer.


Vitamin D helps our bodies to absorb enough calcium and contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, as well as supporting the normal function of our immune system. It’s never been easier for men to take vitamin D than with our handy Organics Vegan D3 Spray – simply spray directly into your mouth once a day for a quick and easy way to up your vitamin D intake.



Vitamin B12 for Men


An essential vitamin to support men’s health and overall wellbeing is vitamin B12. With low levels of B12, you may start to feel weak, light-headed and fatigued.


Although you can naturally increase your intake of vitamin B12 through animal products, those following a plant-based diet will need to take vitamin B12 supplements. For men who do eat meat, fish and dairy, it’s still worthwhile adding this essential vitamin to your diet to help support your heart health, metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue [1].



Omega-3 for Men


To help your health and wellbeing perform at its best, introduce omega-3 supplements into your daily diet. The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can support the health of your brain and heart. Found in oily fish, it’s important for men to ensure they’re getting enough omega-3 through their diet or with the use of men’s health supplements like our Dr Formulated Advanced Omega Softgels, designed to help support your heart and brain health.


Learn more about our omega-3 supplements here:


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Did you know that magnesium has multiple health benefits and plays a key role in supporting a number of essential functions of the body?


In men, magnesium is important for supporting normal muscle function and contributes to the balancing of electrolytes, as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue and regulating bodily functions.


A magnesium supplement like our tasty Whole Food Magnesium Powder available in Raspberry & Lemon and Orange flavours can be easily added to water, shakes or smoothies to instantly boost your magnesium intake. As our bodies don’t naturally produce magnesium, this supplement is ideal to support your health and lifestyle.



Microbiome Once Daily Men’s


Support a healthy microbiome with the help of our gut health supplements for men.


With a high count of beneficial bacteria that are resistant to stomach acid and bile, our Microbiome Once Daily for Men has been specially formulated to support men’s colon health, reduce gas and contribute to the overall health of the immune system.


Easy to take once a day, these men’s health supplements for the microbiome are the perfect way to ensure your body is getting enough ‘good’ bacteria to aid healthy digestion.



What Supplements Should Men Take for Health?

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In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, our list of men’s health supplements can help contribute to maintaining the normal function of bodily functions, including the heart, brain, gut and immune system to name just a few! It’s important to remember that getting the balance right will be different for everyone, as we all have our own unique nutritional needs.


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[1] Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 

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