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Spotlight On: Garden of Life Omega-3 Supplements

Do you know what omega-3 supplements could be doing for you?


Omega-3s are essential fatty acids – so-called because of the essential role they can play in supporting your health and wellbeing.


Oily fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel are one of the main sources of omega-3, but if you don’t like it or don’t eat much of it, omega-3 supplements are a handy way to top up your intake. They typically contain two types of omega-3: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).


DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and brain function, while a 250mg daily dose of DHA and EPA can contribute to the normal function of the heart and to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.


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At Garden of Life, traceability is at the heart of all our products and that extends to our omega-3 range. We are committed to harvesting fish that are abundant in the wild and never endangered. The fish we use are wild, fresh-caught fish that have been sustainably harvested in pristine waters.


Here, we take a look at the different omega-3 supplements available in our range, including omega-3 for women’s health needs, pregnant women and omega-3 for kids:


1. Omega-3 Softgels


Garden of Life DHA Softgels contain 1,000mg of DHA per softgel to help support your health and wellbeing.



This high-quality, high-potency DHA formula is made using a fully traceable, sustainably sourced formula made from anchovies that contains compounds known as SPMs (Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators), which are known to naturally support normal inflammatory responses in the body.


2. Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3 Softgels


Our Garden of Life Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3 Softgels contain 1.3mg of omega-3 per softgel, including 675mg of EPA and 450mg of DHA for benefits including heart health and brain support.



Our Oceans 3 formulas are the only fish oil brand made with Omega-Xanthin®, which is a blend of ultra-pure, high-potency fish oil rich in both EPA and DHA, combined with 4mg astaxanthin from sea algae and 1mg concentrated fucoxanthin from brown seaweed.


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Oceans 3 omega-3 formulas are made using fish oil extracted via a multi-stage molecular distillation process and undergo extensive quality controls. We’re proud to say this fish oil sets the new industry standard for purity and concentration.


Try Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3 Softgels to provide your body with the essential fatty acids it needs for extraordinary health.


3. Prenatal Omega-3 Supplements


Your health and wellbeing can need extra support during pregnancy or breastfeeding, when extra strain is being placed on your body. Garden of Life Oceans MOM Prenatal DHA Omega-3 Softgels are designed to provide you with optimum levels of DHA while you’re pregnant or lactating.



Made using a distilled blend of fish oils, these omega-3 supplements have no fishy taste, but a tasty strawberry flavour. Try adding one a day into your routine to support your health during pregnancy.


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