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Health Benefits of Beetroot & Beetroot Supplements

Beetroot is a popular ingredient that many throw into their salads, but there is so much more that this purple root veg has to offer. Not only is beetroot highly nutritious, but they are also packed with many essential vitamins that can help to provide you with many health benefits.


Discover some of the key benefits of beetroot and how to incorporate more of this purple veg into your routine with the help of beetroot powder supplements.


What is Beetroot?


Commonly known as the garden beet, beetroots come from the same family as chard and spinach. This bright root vegetable is a healthy, low calorific vegetable that’s packed with a range of essential nutrients.


Along with being the perfect healthy snack and ingredient to throw into your salad, stir-fry or risotto, beetroot is highly nutritious.


Rich in folate (vitamin B9) and many other key vitamins, such as manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C, this purple root veg is the perfect ingredient to get creative with – just take a look at our beetroot hummus or oat beetroot muffins recipes!


What Are the Health Benefits of Beetroot?


Incorporating beetroot into your diet has many natural health benefits. Take a look at how eating beetroot or taking beetroot supplements can support your health below:


1) Anti-Inflammatory


Beetroot is packed with essential antioxidants, vitamins, and polyphenols, including a pigment called betalain that is responsible for its distinctive red-purple colour. This pigment contains anti-inflammatory properties, so whether you’re experiencing inflammation from an illness, in your joints, or from exposure to free radicals, beetroots can help to protect your cells from oxidative stress and therefore may reduce the effects of inflammation in your body.


2) Boosts Energy


Beetroots are also rich in nitrates, which help your body to produce nitric oxide. Consuming more nitrates from beetroots may help to encourage oxygen and blood flow to your muscles, which can promote energy production, exercise endurance, and may support your recovery too.


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3) Supports Digestive Health


Beetroots contains glutamine, which is an essential amino acid that can help promote your gut health.


How to Use Beetroot to Benefit Your Health


Beetroot is really easy to add into a range of recipes. Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your salad or create your own beetroot hummus, there are plenty of ways to introduce more of this purple veg into your routine.


Whether you dislike the taste of beetroot or want a simpler way to reap the benefits of beetroot, try our beetroot supplements.



Our Beets Beauty Gummies with added vitamin C and vitamin B12, biotin, bamboo silica and French Melon extract are the perfect option to help support healthy skin and hair. Alternatively, our organic Beetroot Gummies have been designed to support your immune health and energy production. Both beetroot gummy supplements are available in a delicious raspberry flavour and are a tasty alternative to fresh beetroot.



Another great way to enjoy the benefits of beetroot is by taking a beetroot powder supplement.


Our cranberry-pomegranate flavour Detox Beetroot Powder is packed with a range of essential antioxidants, vitamins, and polyphenols, plus added apple cider vinegar to support cell health and energy production. Meanwhile, our Beauty Beets Powder is available in a tasty blackberry-melon flavour and is formulated to help support your skin health.



Either mix your beetroot powder into water or try baking with it. Check out our recipe for these tasty oat beetroot muffins:


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