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What’s Your Wellness Dream?

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What are your wellness goals? If you’re not sure, think about what you’d like to improve about your health, both physically and mentally.


Whether you want to improve your fitness levels, sleep routine, be more mindful or eat more sustainably, by making a few lifestyle changes, you can start the journey to your wellness dream.

1. Peak Fitness


Reaching our best fitness levels is something many of us aim for. To improve, you have to look at what you’re already doing, and ask yourself how you can do it even better.


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You should start by analysing your current fitness routine. Are you doing lots of weight lifting, but hardly any cardio? Or are you guilty of five runs a week with no strength training? Either way, it’s important to have a varied routine to make sure your whole body benefits from the different types of exercise, both physically and mentally.


You might also have got a little too comfortable in your fitness journey. Ever wondered why you’re so good at squats? Or bench presses? That’s because you do them all the time. Working on your weaknesses can take your fitness from average to amazing.


Reaching your fitness potential is all in your workout preparation. Are you setting yourself up properly for a solid workout? Our Organic Plant-Based Energy and Focus Pre-Workout formula is a tailored sports blend that’s designed to be taken 20 minutes before working out, helping you to achieve your best.



2. A More Sustainable Diet


What we eat not only benefits us, but the planet as well. Going veggie or even vegan is now easily achievable with a few dietary changes.


Growing your own food is a great way to stay motivated in your new diet. Home-grown crops are fresh, organic and delicious, and have a much lower carbon footprint.


Eating more plants and less meat helps reduce global meat consumption, while also fuelling your body with some great organic food. Focus on getting a high intake of organic vegetables, beans and nuts.


When switching diets, it’s important that your body still gets the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs. Our Vitamin B12 Spray, Vitamin Code Raw Vegan Zinc Capsules and Vegan Vitamin D3 Spray all offer easy ways to boost your vitamin intake.


3. Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is just as important as a good diet and workout routine.


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A few tips to help induce blissful sleep are:


  • Reducing blue light exposure two hours before bed
  • Avoid caffeine late in the day
  • Try not to nap
  • Create a calming bedroom environment
  • Exercise during the day, rather than late in the evening
  • Clear your mind before sleeping
  • Wind down with our Organics Herbal Golden Powder, which can be used to create a soothing bedtime drink


If you still need help with your sleep, our Organics Herbal Night Spray could help to increase your relaxation levels and help you fall asleep faster. It’s designed to be taken at bedtime and promotes peaceful rest throughout your sleep cycle.


4. Master Mindfulness


Being aware of your thoughts and what’s going on in your body can be another way to reach your wellness goals. Becoming a true mindfulness master means focusing on your breathing, concentration, body and thoughts.


Start by focusing on your breathing. Take three or four deep breaths, and pay close attention to them. Practise this daily as a technique to help you to calm down and focus when needed.


It’s also important to ground yourself. If concentrating on your breathing doesn’t seem to be working, try sitting down and touching your surroundings. Try to notice how the chair you’re sitting on feels, or how the table in front of you feels under your hands. These actions are a great way to ground yourself and bring your mind and awareness into the present.


You can also practise mindfulness in other areas of your life, such as while you’re preparing and eating food. Find out more about mindful eating here:


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