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Which Garden of Life Protein Powder is Right for Me?

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Choosing the right protein powder for your individual needs and goals can be a challenge when you’re faced with so many options.


From protein powders to support your fitness goals to vegan protein to supplement a plant-based diet and keto-friendly protein powders, there’s so much choice out there, so how can you find the right protein supplement for you?


At Garden of Life, clean, organic ingredients are at the heart of our protein powder collection, so you can be sure you’re only putting the good stuff into your body.


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Here’s everything you need to know about our different protein powders, so you can find the supplement for you:

Raw Organic Protein Powder


Our Raw Organic Protein Powder is a vegan protein powder providing 22g of plant-based protein per serving from 13 raw sprouted proteins.


Available in Unflavoured, Vanilla, Chocolate and Vanilla Chai options, this protein powder contains essential amino acids for muscle development, alongside a variety of naturally occurring and fat-soluble vitamins, microbiomes and enzymes.



Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein is the perfect plant-based protein powder to add to shakes and smoothies.

Raw Organic All-in-One Protein


If you’re looking for a protein powder that you can use as a meal replacement, our Raw Organic All-in-One Protein fits the bill.


Designed to be used as a complete, balanced meal replacement shake with 20g of plant-based protein and just 120 calories per serving, our Raw All-in-One Shake is available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Vanilla Spiced Chai flavours.



This vegan protein powder can be used to help with weight control and satisfy hunger, thanks to a combination of natural certified organic protein and nutrient-rich organic vegetables.

Raw Organic Fit Protein Powder


Our Garden of Life Raw Organic Fit Protein Powder is a raw, plant-based protein powder, designed specifically for weight loss, although it isn’t a full meal replacement.



It’s different to our other protein powders, as it includes several other ingredients, including Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract and organic cinnamon.

Keto Protein Powder


If you’re searching for a keto-friendly protein powder, our keto range features several options that can help to support your dietary needs, thanks to a balanced ratio of protein, fats and carbs.


These include Keto Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder, Keto Fit Powder in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, and Keto Organic MCT Powder.


Sport Organic Protein Powder


Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein Powders and Sport Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powders are designed specifically for professional athletes or if you’re following an intense sports training programme.



Our Sport protein powders contain the necessary amount of branched chain amino acids to maximise your sports training.


The Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein Powders in our collection are also certified for sports by the NSF and with the Informed-Choice logo. This guarantees that they contain no illegal substances – only complete natural nutrients.


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