Our Family of Farms

We Take Sourcing Seriously

Garden of Life was founded on the belief that, through extraordinary products and extraordinary education, we can empower our customers to live every day with extraordinary health.

Our people-first approach guides us in all our steps. It means we put product quality, and good of the environment, ahead of our bank balance. It requires us to ensure that the labourers in our supply chain are all treated ethically and paid fair wages—from the farm to the shelf.

This commitment to putting people first is matched only by our passion for traceability. Garden of Life is driven by a belief in the importance of knowing where each and every ingredient in our products comes from. We get to know each and every source, understanding where it’s grown, the farming practices used, and how the farm workers have been paid and treated.

To make sure our commitments are always turned into actions, we use recognised third-parties to inspect everything.

Our Family of Farms